Are electricity peak demand charges taking a bite out of your budget?
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It doesn't matter what climate your building is in; you're probably paying your electric utility more for peak demand charges than you need to – a lot more. Charges for peak usage can be 30–70% of a total commercial or industrial user's electric bill, no matter what your base use is. Through your roof material selection, you have choices. Learn why two buildings in different climates can achieve the same peak savings, proportionately, with a cool vinyl roof. Put demand charges on a diet.


  1. Take a deeper dive into the subject with the white paper Reducing Peak Energy Demand: A Hidden Benefit Of Cool Roofs, by Dr. James L. Hoff, DBA, TEGNOS Research, Inc., and Keith Gere and Robert Carnick, Duro-Last Inc.
  2. Check out the companion cool roof webinar.
  3. Read an informative Environmental Leader article on the nuances of peak energy demand, How the Relationship between the kW and kWh is Changing Utility Operation.
  4. View Global Cool Cities Alliance's interactive infographic to learn about the nine urban challenges that can be tackled with cool roofs.
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  • Customer Testimonial

    “… there may be few if any locations across the U.S. where a cool roof won't reduce the electrical bill, especially if the local utility has instituted a peak demand component of the monthly rate structure.”
     — Jim Hoff, Roofing Contractor, December 8, 2014