Roofing at Hawaii Beach Front

Vinyl White Roof Cools Hawaiian Beachfront Hotel

SITUATION: The roof of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii was failing. High winds, stifling humidity, pounding rain and penetration sunshine had taken its toll on the existing roof, and Mauna Kea management needed to find a suitable, energy efficient, and waterproof roofing material that would not only stand up to Hawaiian weather and ease the beachfront hotel's excessive cooling costs, but also reduce unnecessary waste in the process.

Vinyl as the Sustainable Roofing Solution

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii opted to replace its failing built-up roof with IB Roof Systems' 80 mil vinyl roofing membrane. In the IB membrane, the Mauna Kea found everything it needed to protect the hotel. The hotel was especially pleased with the white roofing material's inherent ability to repel heat. The vinyl membrane was also energy-efficient – with so much of the solar energy directed at the roof reflected, the hotel enjoys the lower costs of a heating and cooling system that runs more efficiently.

White roofing also holds up to climate changes quite capably. Atmospheric cycles that shift from hot and humid to more chilly aren't a cause of concern. The waterproof roofing membrane accommodates cyclical contraction and expansion without damage over many seasons.

Another advantage to the hotel was the ease of installing the lightweight vinyl membrane. It was applied in an adhered application atop the pre-existing roofing material, eliminating the need to dispose of construction debris in an environment that cannot afford the burden of unnecessary waste.

To get a strong attachment, poly-iso insulation board was laid over the existing insulation, secured by adhesive. The insulation achieved the necessary R value and isolated the new, white roofing membrane from the built-up roof's tar and gravel components. With the insulation in place, strips of adhesive were applied to fit the 6-foot single-ply membrane rolls, and the seams hot-welded to create a permanent seal.

The white vinyl membrane satisfied all of the factors the Mauna Kea beachfront hotel took into consideration in its purchasing decision. The vinyl roof was aesthetically pleasing; it effectively lowered heating and cooling costs; and the installation was easy and did not put an undue burden on the environment.

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