View of the Vinyl Roof at Artique Farms

Vinyl Roof Installation Goes Right to the Bottom Line of Canadian Dairy Farm

SITUATION: Chilliwack, British Columbia, dairy farmer John Wynker needed a new roof. The existing metal roof covering Artique Farms' 31,000-square-foot barn, which housed 170 cows, leaked and absorbed so much sun that the sprinkler system couldn't cool the farm's livestock during the summer. Wynker needed to find a new roof that would not only be watertight, but also provide comfort to his cows.

Vinyl as the Sustainable Roofing Solution

To meet the needs of Artique Farms, a local roofing contractor suggested Wynker install a Duro-Last Cool Zone vinyl roofing system - a roofing membrane that was durable, waterproof and easy to maintain. Also, the attractive white roof would reflect the sun and create energy savings during the summer months.

The white vinyl roof ended up providing not only energy savings, but also unexpected results. Within a week, Wynker made a startling discovery: his herd's milk production increased to the point where the holding tank overflowed. Over time, Wynker experienced a 10-15 percent increase in milk production, even with removing six cows from his herd.

Why the increased milk? The new waterproof roofing system had created a more comfortable environment for the cows. Instead of absorbing the heat, as a metal or dark roof would, the white vinyl roof reflected the sun, driving down the barn's ambient temperature. As time went on, farm personnel noticed they turned the fans on later in the year, turned them off sooner, and did not always have them running at full speed. The barn was also quieter in bad weather without the metal roof, leading to less disruption in the cows' days.

Wynker's dairy, Artique Farms, Ltd., operates more profitably now thanks to the white PVC roof. Not only is his herd producing more milk from fewer cows, but also he's realized savings on energy, building maintenance and veterinary bills. The reflective roof has made the herd happier and healthier.

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  • Customer Testimonial

    “With the added insulation and reflective [vinyl] roof, I will save about $44,000 a year in operating costs.”
    – John Wynker, Dairy Farmer